Quick Sunday reflection on this week’s news 

​Sometimes, I can’t help but ask myself,  “how the hell did we get here?” This is Not the America I love and respect. I’ve always been fascinated by American politics and had high hopes for our country after we elected Barack Obama.  I, however, think electing him just woke up racism. Well, let me rephrase that, racism has always been alive but during the Obama terms, it was in the limelight.  So we made progress by electing a Black President but it also became our curse and prevented us to have our first female president.  What this tells us is that our country wasn’t ready to face the music. We haven’t healed our wounds from the past. America needs therapy.  Big time. Before we can have a Black, Asian, Gay, or woman president,  our country needs to undoubtedly, not just accept minorities, but welcome them.  Into their homes.  In their local governments. In their churches.  Work has to be done to show the bigots that minorities are not harmful but an asset to our society.  They have blood running through their veins like everyone else . They hurt like everyone else. They grieve or laugh like everyone else. They’re pursuing happiness like everyone else. 
Social media, the news, politics have been dividing us. I’m guilty of it too. We have to be honest with one another. Maybe what we need is a big blackout. A swap. Something to force us to see the good in one another, because honestly,  I’m not sure what else would fix this mess. Even if Trump is impeached or whatever, it’ll only anger his followers more. 
Enjoy your Sunday my peeps, hug your loved ones close.