Halloween candy alternative for health conscious parents

Trick and treating is fun and a huge part of our culture but it doesn’t mean we have to give our kids poison and/or our money to big corporations. 

It’s easy to switch out candy your kids get while trick or treating. Tell your kids you need to inspect the candy and replace it with any of the approved candy. If/when they can question you, ne honest and explain why you feel you can provide better candy that will be as yummy.
Here’s a list of better choices, note that I personally still don’t eat some of those because they still have ingredients I personally don’t eat but they are far better choices than full of  artificial ingredients candy.

My favorite snicker alternative is OCHO organic candy. You can now find it at Ralph’s, Whole Foods and I’m sure other places. They come in caramel peanut, mocha, peanut butter ( Reese’s alternative) and coconut.They sell smaller size too on their website at Ochocandy.com

Anything by LAKE CHAMPLAIN. Ok, they’re expensive but Lake Champlain makes Halloween wrapped candy and you can also buy their mini bars. The peanut butter one is better than any Reese’s.

AMY’S KITCHEN makes candy!! They’re gluten free, vegan and some nut free think they’re good Nestlé crunch substitute. My favorite is the rice crisps, almond,caramel chocolate bar but it also comes in these flavors:

English toffee with almonds in dark chocolate 

Whippee cream center layered with caramel and covered with chocolate.

Soft caramel with pecans covered in chocolate 

Creamy nougat with caramel pecans, walnuts,and cashews covered in chocolate 

Coconut and roasted almonds covered in dark chocolate 

Chocolate creamy nougat covered in dark chocolate 

UNREAL candy is a great alternative to  m&ms. They’re so good, you won’t tell the difference and you won’t be hyper from artificial food coloring. 

CHOCOLOVE XOXOX has these awesome “movie theater candy size ” milk chocolate covered honey roasted peanuts I love. They are perfect for Halloween. They also have almonds and regular size chocolate bars that come in so many flavors. Chocolove chocolate is socially responsible certified.

YUM EARTH LOLLIPOPS are a great alternative to full of artificial food coloring lollipops. They come in big bags so they’re perfect for Halloween.

ANNIE’S makes a lot if fun size Halloween candy like gummy bears, etc.

SUNSPIRE makes pocket size milk chocolate drops that can replace chocolate m&ms.

There are a ton more out there so I will update but also check out this website where you can get candy corn anda bunch of other halloween specific candy