Juicing to regain health

Let’s be honest, most Americans eat really bad food. All we have to do is look at ourselves in the mirror. We’re fat, we take pills for God knows how many problems we have. We never really feel good even when we take the pill the doctor prescribed. Of course, if you live in Los Angeles, you will see beautiful people, running on the beach, exercising like lunatics. That is an exception I think. Most of us don’t have time to exercise that way and let’s get real, we love our food.

When I lived in Europe, I was never fat. I ate a lot but alway remained the same weight. Now, I live here (and love it) but let’s just say that I have been a yoyo when it comes to my weight. I get fat, then I diet, they I get fat again. Pretty much since college, this has been my pattern. I am an emotional eater. I admit it. If something goes wrong, I eat. Chocolate is my sin. I love it. No matter what shape it comes in, I will eat it. I love cake. I also love fatty food, anything with butter. But wait a minute….I used to eat that way back in Europe too so what’s the problem? One word: PORTION. I got used to eating a lot more than before. I, of course, have a chocolate addiction but that has been passed from my mother, and probably was passed on from way back! Also I admit, when something bothers me, there is nothing more comforting than food. That also sort of came from my upbringing. We used to sit around in the afternoon and eat cookies, just discussing interesting topics. I still cherish that but I know that my mom is a little to blame for not being able to say ” Hey kids, two cookies is enough!” No, my mom was super cool to me, she would let us eat the whole package! I now realize that wasn’t the best idea.

Thank goodness, I had an aunt (my dear mom’s little sister) who taught me how to be healthier. She taught me about the lemon water cure in the morning. This became a habit of mine when I was a teenager. I love lemons so that’s lucky. Some people can’t drink a whole juiced lemon in 10 ounces right when they wake up. For me, it’s bliss. I feel cleaner afterwards. My aunt also gave me tips on how to keep leaner, eating healthy proteins, etc. My mom was good too, she taught me how to fast for a day. She taught me to fast on a full moon. It is supposed to be the best time to do it. So once in a while, we would do a water fast. It was just one day but you gotta start somewhere!

So, for me, fasting was never a weird thing. I was totally opened to it. Over the years, I have done many many fasts. I enjoyed them very much except for one: the Master Cleanse. I never liked that one. I once fell into hypoglycemic attack because of that fast. Juice or water fasts are the way to go for me. I have gone on a 20 juice fast once and felt better than ever afterwards. I would alternate juice and water on my last week.

I am currently on a longer fast. Today is day 20. I started this fast because I wanted to get rid of bad eating habits. I tried to do so by just eating healthy but for me juice fasting is much easier. When you are addicted, the best thing to do is just fast. My cravings are gone now. My health is better. My skin is better. I am off most of my medications (I have an auto immune disease).

Fasting has been done for centuries and always practiced by animals in the wild. When they are sick, they retreat and stop eating until they are well again. Jesus fasted. Gandhi fasted. You will not die from fasting if you do it the right way. I recommend asking a holistic practitioner for advice or read up on fasting a lot before you start anything. I am a bit unusual. Fasting is a piece of cake for me. Other people might not react identically and if you have a serious condition, you might need to adjust your fast. There are many types of fast. Breuss Juice Fast can cure cancer in 40-50 days. Most chronic illnesses can be cured between 20-40 days depending on how severe it is. My favorite website for information is www.fasting.ws . I highly recommend spending a good week browsing through their posts to really understand how fasting work.

People are very skeptical. I am sure people think I’m crazy to fast. People think, not eating is unhealthy, you need nutrients and vitamins. Wrong and wrong. Fasting is not unhealthy. You are not starving yourself to death, instead you are giving your body the time it needs to heal itself. You give your car a check up every so many miles.  Well, your body needs a good cleansing too. Think of all the bad stuff you ingest, fatty food, saturated fat, sugar, GMO foods, artificial coloring, animal products that are hard to digest and rot in our guts. Your body will be so thankful that you give it a break. It will get rid of toxins for you. It will use its awesome mechanism and do the work for you! All you have to do is give it time! Yes you will have some symptoms such as a coated tongue and maybe headaches the first few days if you are really toxic, aches and pains, but that goes away or even can be avoided if you know what you are doing. As fas as vitamins, calcium, etc. Don’t worry. If you juice fast, you will get all the vitamins and nutrients you need in your juices. You will probably get even more than your regular diet AND it will get to your bloodstream a lot quicker giving you amazing energy. You will sleep much much better. Green leafy vegetables have calcium. Papaya tea will also be a good addition if you are worried about calcium.

When you fast, it is a good idea to help the detox process by dry brushing your skin, drinking lots of water, using a tongue scraper and doing regular enema (I know many of you are scared but honestly if you do just water enema, it is no big deal, no pain, you just lie down and wait) I do not recommend enema from the store. The prepackaged one have too much salt in it and it is unnecessary and uncomfortable. Doing enema will relieve any pains you might have as it will relieve toxins out quickly. Deep breathing and meditating is a good idea. Walking outside is good. Some people can keep doing their regular exercise routine while juice fasting. Some prefer easier exercise such as yoga and stretching.

If you wonder, aren’t you light headed when you fast? The answer is no. I am never light headed. When I did Master Cleanse, I was though. I think the maple syrup just gave me too many highs and lows. I like to stick to Fresh juices because it is the most natural. Now, if you decide to juice, you need to buy a good juicer. You probably need to spend over $100. I personally have a Breville Fountain which I love. I make about 30 ounces of juice in about 5 minutes, cleaning including.

Juice fasting is really not that scary. It is the easiest type of fasting. When you juice fast, you get to keep working, exercising, etc. You can drink more juice if you feel you get hungry. The only rule is to try to get at least 80% of your juice, fresh. That means no bottle juiced. Sometimes I do cheat but I always follow that 80% rule and always get unpasteurized juices. My favorite is from Evolution. They are expensive but if you are on the go, it’s convenient. I also like drinking lots of coconut juice when fasting because it is so good for you and has good electrolytes.

If you are adventurous enough to juice fast to get rid of your symptoms or food or any sort of addiction, I would recommend starting slow. First do a 1 day fast. A week later, do a 3 day juice fast, then 5 day, then 7, 10, 14, 21, 42. I’m the crazy type, I went from 5 to 20 but that’s because I felt I could. Listen to you body! It knows! People ask me, why are you still fasting? My answer is that I do not feel I have achieved optimal health so I continue for as long as I can. I know I am still detoxifying because my tongue is still coated in the morning when I wake up. When my tongue is no longer coated, then I will stop.

Now, a very important thing is how you come out of a fast. People have actually died because they ate a big meal after fasting. What you want to do is eat raw vegetables and fruits for 1/2 the amount of time you fasted (the best on the first day of breaking a fast is watermelon only, then you slowly add more fruits and veggies every day). So if you fast for 20 days, you need to eat raw veggies for 10 days. Then you can reintroduce (if you wish, or you can just stick to a raw diet too) other food, starting with broth, soups, oatmeal. My first food on my last fasting adventure was plain oatmeal. It was the best oatmeal I ever tasted! You should ideally eliminate all sugar and white starch, all caffeine and alcohol. You just cleaned yourself so why trash it again? I know this can be difficult so maybe come up with a plan. My plan (because let’s get real, I love butter and chocolate) is to allow myself once a week to have semi bad food. For me, it doesn’t matter what I put butter on, so I will allow myself to have veggies sautéed in butter once a week. I will allow myself to have something with cheese and I will of course allow myself to eat chocolate once in a while. The other important part of my plan is to intermittent fast when I stray. That means that if I eat bad food on Monday, I will juice fast on Tuesday and Wednesday. The key is to not accumulate toxins. Therefore if you go crazy on food or alcohol, just give your body time to heal itself for a couple of days to put you back on the right track. There is some great information about intermittent fasting out there. Choose what works best for your body.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle. We all stray once in a while and it is alright I guess. We are only human.

I will keep posting my experiences. Please ask any questions regarding this topic in the comment section. If you have something you would like to ask but do not want to advertise it to the world, I will provide my email.

I will also try to post as many links and recipes as possible to help you through your journey!

Remember, you are your own boss. Don’t be scared by what conventional doctors tell you. They will try to scare you by saying that fasting is dangerous. It is false. Trust me. Some people owe their life to fasting. Check out Gerson Therapy. They have a documentary of the same name on Netflix. It is great and it shows how our conventional medicine tries to prevent holistic cure to do its amazing work in the United States.

Happy Juicing!


4 thoughts on “Juicing to regain health

  1. Kelly says:

    Just wanted to wish you more good luck and good health for your fast. We support you. Of course, we’ve talked about a lot of these things before, but this post has a lot of good information and inspiration for those interested in fasting for health. Maybe you will even convince me to try it one day 🙂

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