Our beloved pets need help too!

I want to dedicate this post to all animal lovers.

During a disaster, once we have located our loved ones, figured out where we are going to sleep, etc, we need to worry about our pets. Having taking the American Red Cross Disaster training, I know first hand that shelters do not allow pets unless they are a service pet. We all need to have some sort of plan for our animal best friends. They, after all, are there for us when we are sad, sick, had a bad day, etc. They cheer us up and make our lives so much more complete.

During a big disaster, such as the storms that hit the East Coast, it is more difficult to find a neighbor or friend to take care of our pets because they might find themselves in the same situation: without a roof, without power, etc. Some people unfortunately will even refuse to go to shelters because their pets are not welcomed, putting their own lives at risk to be with their beloved pet.

This was a very troubling issue for me when I took the ARC training but I do understand the reasoning.This, however, simply brings up a very fundamental problem about the way our society treats animals. Some people do not seem to have any respect for animal life. We have seen over and over again stories of insensitive and cruel people torture or kill animals for play and game. A most recent story happened in Los Angeles suburbs where a man put his pet on fire, killing the poor innocent animal. Sometimes people think that their actions are harmless or even funny such as the ridiculous New Year’s Eve Tradition of the Opossum drop in Brasstown which was thankfully prohibited today by a judge.

I think we all ought to have more respect for animals, all animals. This topic is so broad and this is the first of many posts. I will discuss zoos, aquariums, seaworld, animal testing, etc.

ok, so I will be back but in the meantime, big shout out to all people over there who have been working back East, dropping food and supplies to abandoned or lost pets. They have rescued many animals. They are true heroes. A special shout out to HUSH doing a great job in Staten Island.

Go hug your 4 legged friend now.


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