Muse is always grandiose

I’m so excited for this category: music. I am a real music junkie. I am truthfully one of the most eclectic persons you will meet when it comes to music. I am willing to listen to anything as long as it sounds good to my ears. There are no genre I will completely reject. Well, except for heavy metal which I never listen to. I used to be a lot more close minded, especially when I lived in Europe. I never would have thought I’d be listening to and let alone enjoying country music. But that was just me being oblivious to genres of music that I had not been exposed to. I will discuss many different styles of music, artists and songwriting in this category but today, I dedicate this post to one of my favorite bands: Muse.

The words I would use to describe MUSE are: grandiose, spectacular, passionate and intense. I don’t think I have ever listened to any of their songs that didn’t express these words. I mean, come on! Whether it is their new song Supremacy or Uprising, Resistance, Exogenesis, Guiding Light, Supermassive Black Hole or Invincible,  MUSE finds a way to automatically lift you higher, making you feel, well, yes, almost invincible. I love music but I have never encountered a band that had that kind of power on me. I could write a novel just describing the emotions, the imagery that MUSE’s music and lyrics evoke.  There is only one song that I can think of that triggered that kind of reaction in me and that was Behind The Wheel – live version at the Rose Bowl- from Depeche Mode. But I was watching it so the power of the crowd and obviously Dave Gahan amazing stage presence probably had something to do with it.

I think MUSE came at the exact right time in our history. People, at least young people, crave a revolution. They are fed up. They wish they can be invincible. They wish they could conquer the world or change it. They are slowly believing that they can. MUSE gives them more confidence. It makes them want to speak up, finally ask for the truth. Their music makes them demand answers or at least makes them search for answers.

It’s no wonder so many MUSE songs have been used in movies or movie trailer. The most recent one is the Skyfall Trailer. There is no doubt when you listen to it that Supremacy was just made for that movie. The sound, the lyrics. It just fits.


Of course there was Supermassive Black Hole for the thunder baseball scene in Twilight.

I personally think that United States of Eurasia and many other songs should be used in movies. I know for sure that if I was a movie maker I would try hard to get any of their songs in my work to transform it into a chef-d’oeuvre. It would actually be a dream job for me to work as one of those guys who get to pick songs for movies. Who would even call that a job? Every time I listen to a meaningful song that transforms me or reach me so deeply, I make a little movie in my head, imagining what scene would go well with it. Songs to me are like books, they inspire you. Guiding Light for example is that kind of song for me, it just makes me sigh and just feel so good and make me want to move mountains. Resistance and Uprising, well of course, make me want to change the world. Those two songs just make you want to get up your bum and do something about something.

Other MUSE songs are so powerful and emotional that they might make you hurt and feel good at the same time. For me, this is Exogenesis Part I Overture, Part II and III. It makes you feel free but not without first going through struggle. Part II has a very classical beginning, followed by a strong uprising feel. Part III again has a very classical beginning, a romantic part and then the song start bringing you hope and strength, it gives you that push to finally let go and be what you need to be. Then, of course, there is I Belong to You which is so sassy. It teases you and of course has an amazing part in French which brings romanticism and melancholy to the song. That part just makes me melt every time. It just brings images of French movies to mind. I Belong To You tells a story almost more than any other songs because of its ups and downs. If I had to match a movie with how this song makes me feel, I’d say Inglorious Basterds (particularly the card game scene)

I think MUSE is also so successful because they are masters at using crescendo and decrescendo. I hate to repeat myself but I do not know many other BANDS who can do this so perfectly and beautifully every time.  Obviously if you are not familiar with MUSE’s songs you might not know what I am talking about but if I were you I would start with the two previous discussed songs to get a good idea of their genius. Of course, Matthew Belamy’s voice doesn’t hurt either. It has a very powerful voice. He is lucky to have a very commanding voice which obviously helps when singing about revolution and being invincible! He can also bring so much emotions to his songs. One of my favorite songs in their most recent album is Follow Me because it is such a great legacy he is leaving to his son. The heartbeat at the beginning just makes you humble and happy for a minute, wherever you are. You just can’t resist being touched by a human heartbeat.  Madness is my other favorite. It is so sexy, you just have to love that song.It almost gives me chills. Every time I hear a new MUSE song, pretty much, I ask myself, how did they pull that off, AGAIN. Listen to the last two tracks of 2nd Law, and you’ll know what I mean (2nd Law Unsustainable and Isolated System).


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