Petraeus Scandal

Last night, i was having a conversation with my husband about the whole Petraeus affair story. We were watching CNN Anderson Cooper 360 which I used to be addicted to. Now, because of my busy schedule, I am lucky if I get to catch it once a week.

News networks just thrive on these sex sandals. I think they truly find sex scandals even more appealing than disasters ( earthquakes, hurricanes, storms like Sandy). I think the main reason is that people are secretely obsessed with sex. Most men probably wish they could have an affair. People are also nosy, gossipy and they love to be able to judge politicians because it is their way to finally get back at them. Think about all the power politicians have, all the things they probably plot behing our backs, ok maybe because it is “the way it is done in Washington”, but still, when they finally get caught doing something, we turn up the volume, grab our computers and go read more about the infamous stories.

Yes that is what I did. I am only human. I also am a news junkie in general so when a story breaks, I am compelled to go read about it in as many places as I can.

As I was watching Anderson Cooper talk about the story and do a fabulous job (as always) interviewing his team of political consultants, all I kept thinking was, what drives men to do such stupid things? Like my husband said, why would Petraeus throw his whole career away for this? Why risk it? I think we all know the answer to this question but still, every time, it baffles us; “Oh, he had such a bright future ahead of him” (hint: Weiner), “He has such a beautiful family/wife” (hint, countless celebrities with hot wives, for ex. Tiger Woods), “But he is the PRESIDENT!” (hint Clinton).

The other thing that came to mind was (and please excuse my harshness) what must have gone through Paula Broadwell’s mind? I read an article where they showed a picture of Broadwell with her husband. I thought, “why on earth would she go have an affair with Petraeus when she has a good looking husband waiting for her at home?”. The husband seemed loving too as I read how he took her away for her birthday, getting her flowers before dinner. Ok, maybe he is a bad husband, who knows, appearances can be deceiving, but still, Petraeus, 20 years her senior and not so good looking. Like I said to my husband jokingly, if I was having an affair, I’d would have one with Magic Mike rather than the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Then, AC 360 showed pictures of Jill Kelley. Truthfully, I was not ready for this. I was expecting her to look a bit more classy. She instead reminded me of a Real Housewife of New Jersey.

The whole story is just a plain mess. But, last night, before any of the new development about General Allen, I looked at my husband and said, ” Jill Kelley is probably more guilty than any other person involved” and look at that, I happened to be right.

The bottom line is, someone’s career is destroyed, someone who was most likely doing a great job. All because of sex. All because of bad judgment. I think all men who have power should be required to see a therapist weekly, whether they have problems or not. Just to keep them in check. Bill Clinton was a great President. Weiner probably would have run for president in 2016. If only we could have kept a shorter leash on them to avoid the mess they got themselves into.


PS: look at this: a good summary of Petraus story:




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