My reasons for juicing ( AGAIN!!)

On November 6th, I said that if Barack Obama won the election I would fast.
As we all know, Barack Obama won. Some of you might also know how much I love Barack Obama. He is my biggest role model. I have so much respect, love and trust for the man. Meeting him was on of the highlights of my life because I had never shook someone’s hand and ever instantly felt a sense of peace. I had never met anyone so humble. That was back in 2007. Before he got the nomination, before he was president. I have been following him and his presidency closely, supporting his choices almost 99% of the time and even when I didn’t, I sat and tried to understand his struggle, his rationale, his decisions. I never thought in my life I would trust a politician. I don’t like politicians. Normally. But Barack Obama is different. I admire his life, his past, his origins, his work at the grassroot levels before anyone knew who he was, his family, his cool, his love for Lincoln. He is pretty much the person I wish I was.
Anyways, so when I woke up on November 7th, even though I knew it would be hard, mostly because I had been living a very unhealthy life and had drunk so much alcohol the previous night ( I had to celebrate), I gladly ate nothing when I woke up, went to work and started what my husband called just a few minutes ago (and what prompted me to write this–bc as a coincidence it was the  1st name I came up with for my blog) my journey.
Miraculously enough, so far it has been the easiest fast I have ever done. I was SO surprised. When I got hungry the first day, I said to myself, “you have to go on, you cannot let Barack Obama down”. I know it sounds silly. What I really meant was, I cannot let myself down. If I can’t even do this, follow my own word, in honor of the person I admire the most, then I am really lost. Many times in the past 6 years, Barack Obama has been an inspiration for me and gave me the strength to keeping pushing when all I wanted to do was give up. I guess, I never let go of that Fired Up, Ready to Go attitude.
Barack Obama gave me back the faith I had lost in 2004 when John Kerry lost the election and fell into depression for 6 months.
So here I am. Day 7. Sipping on my delicious celery kiwi apple juice, thinking how lucky I am to have met that wonderful man who has been my inspiration for years now. I have many times felt ashamed of my habits when I am too depressed to eat healthy. This win was a good time to push through, to give myself an ultimatum to get back to who I used to be, or rather a new better me. I am not saying I will succeed but at least, I had the strength to try again.
This week has been challenging, all starting with my neighbor who got upset for me cheering for Barack Obama’s win at 8:30pm, my kid got sicker than she had ever been, I had to find 900 dollars to fix my car, work with a very annoying husband, who is still however my best friend, deal with a broken phone,  but that deal I made with myself is what got me through. I cannot and will not disappoint myself. Because I know Barack Obama will never know and wouldn’t be really upset if I hadn’t kept my word, but I will.
Now, I would like to encourage everyone who has never done a juice or juice/water fast before and who has any kind of ailments or addictions, chronic illness or cancer, to give it a shot. Do not believe what the mainstream media tells you, that it is unsafe, blah blah blah. I once went on a 20 day juice fast, I was able to get rid of all my Lupus symptoms and meds. Unfortunately after 6 months, job loss, etc, I fell off the wagon and started eating crap again because I am an emotional eater.
After 7 days, I have already been able to cut my meds in half, I slept last night for the first time in months without having to take a pill before bed. Some of my pains have gone away. My skin is better. My hair looks like crap but I know it is because I don’t drink juice enough and am lacking some vitamins but I am broke right now so… but that’s an easy fix, some flaxseed and my hair will be ok again.
Anyways, here I am, I wanted to share my story with you once again, hoping it inspires some of you to take care of yourself. We poison ourselves everyday with what we put in our mouth. At least, try it for a couple of days maybe, give your body a vacation. It will give you so much in return. At the very least, buy organic, stay away from GMOs, don’t eat too much sugar, and when you do, the next day, fast because otherwise it will become a craving.
Love, peace and JUICE!

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